7 Emotional Gifts For Your Children Before The Age Of 10

Emotional gifts are those that reach the hearts of the people who receive them. Children need these types of gifts to grow and evolve as emotionally balanced people. Gifts are important as long as they are meant to make us feel good and that our emotions are well cared for.

As you can suppose, we are not referring to gifts that have to do with a lot of money or with material things that, in reality, only enhance impulsivity and the little appreciation of children towards the effort and affection that a beautiful gift supposes.

The emotional gifts

Gifts have the power to make the other person feel better, to increase the self-esteem of those who receive them, and the best thing: to enhance gratitude and happiness. It is a wonderful combination that is achieved through an altruistic gesture that is made from the heart. Therefore, the best is the emotional gifts … those that reach the heart.

In order to make a good emotional gift to your children, it is important to think carefully about what you want to give and what you want to convey. As parents, we are the best example for our children, and we must act accordingly. A gift to be perfect must be unique and special, not something that thousands of people have.

It is always a good time to give emotional gifts to our children, but it is very important to do them before they are 10 years old, since they are delicate years where our children are forging their personality.

Emotional gift ideas for kids

Emotional gifts can be given at any time, not just on dates designated as birthdays. Any day is a good opportunity to make these types of gifts. What’s more, when a child is not expecting a gift, it will still be much more special, although any moment will be perfect!

  1. Thank you letters. Thank you letters are always a great idea to express the feelings we have for our children and give them words of encouragement whenever they need it.
  2. Jar of love. In the jar of love, they will have to write mini cards with the reasons why they are loved. Ideally, it should be 7 or 31 to open one every day of the week or for a month. They can be cards, notes, etc.
  3. This is what I want to do with you. In a box or in a nice notebook, you can write things you want to do with your child to share with him. Surely when he meets them, he will be happy to do those things with you.
  4. Grandparents and you. The ideal is to have a book that you had made yourself that explains the life of your grandparents from when they were little until the present moment. While it is true that you will need to do a little research, it is worth it.
  5. Surprise party. Surprise and personalized parties are as great as an emotional gift. It can be in the place that your child likes the most; at the beach, at home, in the mountains, at the uncles’ house … Think about how to make it fun and that everyone enjoys.
  6. Emotional videos. You can record small videos for several years and then make a video editing with music and text to make it more beautiful and give it to him when he turns 10 years old. It will be very emotional, and it will surely be wonderful. If you do not have much idea of ​​video editing, you record the sequences and save them all so that later a professional can make the editing.
  7. A letter to get to the postal mail. You can ask someone important to your child and who is in the distance to send him an emotional letter that reaches the postal mail. Receiving it and reading it gives a wonderful feeling that is difficult to forget.

Of course, you can adapt the gifts to the child’s personality and choose (or create from these ideas) others that are perfect. Your child will love receiving these emotional gifts!